Wednesday, June 18, 2008

just another day..

Well.. its just another day...

nuttign exciting.. nuttting to report on...


Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ok.. work sucks.. i hate it.. i really do!!
I'm probably gonna leave my "job" today..

around 95.5% sure that im gonna leave... wont say why...but yeah..

i rather be at hoem bumming..lollollollol

on a positive note...

i managed to make a hair tie which i use for work...:D THATS DEFINATLEY PROGRESS!!!lollollol

I told the peopl i live with that I'm gonna quit, and the comment was.. "damn... i really used to look foward to ur work outfits on a morning.. i'm definatley gonna miss that"lollollo

that made me laff....despite my anger... i was able to force a smile...lollollol

on another note... I saw sex and the city last night... i liked it up until the ending.. the ending sucked!!
i was finally able to go with the lady I'm stayign by... after my first set of GF's didint wanna see it again (they'd seen it a day before i flew home), my other firned said no way is he goign to see it....

so.. after two weeks of looking or someone to go see it with.. i finally got to see it.. it was worth the wait..

i saw What happens in vegas and iron man this week too... they're all good...

get offlien and go to the cinema..DAMMIT!!!lollollol

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yup... you read the titile right..
Yours truly was in an accident. June 4th, 2008, desriseaux (pronounced DAY-RI-SO)!!

I'll spare unnecessary details here, and justtell the people who matter in person when I see them..

Wierd corner..slowed down...but..wasnt good enough.....


Shielded face, airbags blew.. guy from back seat ended up laying next to me in the front...
When i saw everyoen move.. i said " get out, get out"

We all stepped away... and started checkign for injuries...
Driver: Fine at the momemt- 8 hrs after.. realises his left arm is fractured
Back Seat Passenger: Broken/fractured/sprained finger, multiple scratches
Me: ONLY PERSON STRAPPED UP!! A black and blue bruise on my pelvis where the seatbelt was!!

Ironic Incidents that evening:

1) Spoke to a friend after alost 4 months, who told me he was in an accident recenly, had broken his hip in 3 places and had to have a piece of mental inserted so that he could possibly walk again, was brain dead for 2 weeks..
He fell asleep at the wheel on his way home from him night job...
On tellign me this, I say .." GASA... U HAVE A DEATH WISH?!?!?! U need to cool out!!"

2) Two minutes before we got into the accident, I considered takign off my seatbelt beacuse it was pushign on my bladder, and i REALLY REALLY REALLY needed to use the bathroom.. so i figured it would be best if I just took it off to avoid any embarassing situation... but.. Priase da lord, i decided against it.

3) On the way down, I sensed that somethign would go wrong, because the road was really bad, and there was a point where it just narrowed suddenly unto a bridge (NO SIGNS< NO WARNIGS.. if one continued to go straight... you would drive over the edge and into a river)..when I saw that, I said to myself..."If was me driving, I woulda gone over, cause I didint even see the point where the road ended.

But all in all... Everyone is fine (ish) and the vehicle was insured... so all should be well...
As usual, my mother does not know.. she worries way too much.. I'll tell her in September...
When I'm out of St. Lucia.lollollol

Monday, June 2, 2008


Today is June 2nd, and its my First day at work- Bank of St. Lucia Internatioal..

First day was a bit....bla..
Didint really have anythig to do.... at least I looked pretty.lollol
Black Pencil skirt, White long sleeves heels... damn.. I LOOKED GREAT!lollol If i must say so myself...lollollollol.

My hair looked nice too.. Went to the hairdresser on sunday, was happy to be there after 5 months of at hoem washings..sigh.. the life of a student on a budget eh... Maybe next semester Crystal will decide to be nice to me and give me a semi professional wash once in a while... wa u say crystal??

So was wash, and set on HUGE ROLLERS on my GIANT HEAD ( i was hardly able to fit under the dryer) to stretch out the locks. I tried makign a brunsli hair tie to pull my hair off my face, but i cut the cord too short (lol) and didint have any extra, so.. I have to try it out again...maybe this evening...But i was able to use a normal plane head band to push my hair back.

When I entered the bank, a lady walked right up to me , stated me in the face and said " Oh MY GOODNESS- Your hair is absoloutley georgeous!!".. I juts smiled politley and said thank you.. normally, I woul have said more to her, buh I was quite anxious about getttign to meet the HR lady on maybe I'lls e her some other time at work, and perhaps have the opportunity to talk to her
Well...I should be postign reularly again now that my internet is back and running, and I shoud be able to post pics too soon as I bought batteries for my camera and it seems to be behavign itself. I'll also post one or two Jamaica pics as well.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Transfer to Mona?

Ok.. jamaica is great. I am about ready to transfer to Mona campus. Nah... I won't though..I have too many special friends in Barbados (alluh yall know yallselves.. so yall can blush).lollol
I've been up and about and generally havign a good time. Can't believe I only have one week left (sigh) Oh well.. that just means I'm one week closer to my next visit.haha.
I'm happy to be back online after 2 days of crazy modem trouble. Feels like I'm back in civilization.

Hair wise..not many comments on my hair here...maybe it's because Jamaicans arn't as social as other Caribbean people, and so would not mention if they liek it or not.lollol. There was one lady inside "Mother's" who told me she really loved my hair though. I've seen quite a few lovely heads with sisterlocks here too.

Anywayz.. just popping in...

Friday, May 16, 2008


YAYE!! Exams are over..and Samantha's birthday celebrations began immediately...
We went to Old Dub Tuesday at Club Xtreme... Was a good start for her home round 4 am. Woke up at around 8 so that we could get ready to head to town for her birthday catamaran cruise... a nice Sunday vibe (despite the fact that it was on a wednesday.lollol ( after effects of free drinks in Xtreme sammy?)..wasnt as bad as "in that circular box".lollol. But the cruise was great!! We sailed to Payne's Bay Beach where we went swiming with turtles (the swimming was bit tough on my ankle (but i think it was some form of Physio therapy-lol), from Payne's Bay, we headed to Sandy Lane beach ( I really Hope I'm getting these names right- afterall...drinks on the boat were free we went snorkling near a reef and a sunken barge (it was great- all the colourful fish- Will love to do it again)- there was some lady on the boat who absoloutley loved Jerusha's and my locks (jerusha wears traditional locks, buh they're relativley small and very neat - will post pics soon)...yeah.. this lady just kept goign on about our hair.. well..obviously i encouraged her to get her hair done.. but she's skeptical as she says she loves the feeling of a comb in her hair...oh each their own..
Well after the cruise, we all walked throught town lloking liek tourist as we had on shorts and little sun dresses with our swim suits showing..lollolBuh i guess we were all too tired to care...
You'd think that was the end of the birthday celebrations.. but... NO!! there was another party to head to in the evening.. so we went home, rested for a while, then got ready for "FINAL CHAPTER" - it was just an lright party..nuttign to shout about, but the overall birthday celebrations were fabulous (yes carlene.. we missed you)lollol
Well.. Im in Jamaica now...havent done uch yet as I had to recover from those two sleepless nights....but im sure I'll have great time.... will keep you posted..

OH.. one of the air hostesses on my flight wears her hair in sisterlocks as well, and he complimenet me on my hair and said how much she loves them. hers were beautiful too...

Anywayz...i'll be back to post out my happenings soon...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The weekend

yes yes.. yet another weekend has come and gone. Was it a good one??.. it was aiight
Samantha, Carlene and I went to town on friday.. well... more like Samantha and I. Carlene had more important people to be with (*coffcoff*)..but anywayz..
Sammy really shopped up a storm, this girl had me entering every store in sight, and she'd try on around 3 outfits, and then say.. "NAH.. i ent like it" despite me telling her "yeah man.. ttek it.. dis one look good" after she ask for my opinion. (*rolls eyes*). I defintley know how men feel now. So after around 3-4 hrs, she finally chose something.. and we came home...

Well.. I didint go home...y?? CAUSE... KAY IS HERE!!! Kay is one of my fav Bajan friends, who moved to The bahamas to finish her degree. She's back in bim for a few days, and well.. Friday was my day to see her. So.. i stoped off at her house, after watching pictures from every single event (NO EXAGGERATION!!) that has occurred at her school over the past semester (obviously done during the adverts whilst the Tyra Show was playing), we went over to chill by keisha 9another Bajan friend.. ) ok ok ok... to much details... moving along.. It was nice being with kay again, just talking, catching up, updating each other...

So ironic that after all this time reuniting with my friend who had been away for soo long, I went over by my other friend who was leaving the next day! :(. Yup... Carlene (the one who had more important people to spend time with), finished her exams, and had to fly hoem early than expected cause of some damn cavity, root canal.. something!! Sayign the goodbyes was rather emotional...lollol..I'll miss her for the summer... I mean.. going from talking every day, to having to wait till September..But we'll survive... I hope :S (haha)

Saturday was quiet, spent most of the day studying hard (hardly studying:S) cause I still have my micro Economics exam on Tuesday... I left my apartment at around 5ish to go visit latoya at my consultant's salon. Latoya is a Jamaican Lady who I meat in February when I went to Montserrat on my UWI STAT trip. She wears sisterlocks as well, and knew that I was visiting from Barbados, so she asked "Is Lisa your Consultant?" . I answered yes, and we had a short conversation (about our sisterlocks..OBVIOUSLY)..she told me that she come to Bdos ever so often to get her hair done by lisa (there's no consultant in Montserrat), so i gave her my number and told her to gimme a call whenever she's in Bdos. So...although we weren't able to do lunch as we had originally planned, i just wanted to make sure i saw her whilst she was here. She had 4 months of growth, and after 2 hours, Lisa (who works like a machine) was only half way with her 500 or so locks!! Can you imagine if I had 4 months growth?? DAMN.. my normal retightening, with 6 weeks growth takes 4 hrs....YOU DO THE MATH FOR 4 MONTHS!lollol

Moving along...Sunday...ahh.. Sunday ( 2 more days till exams done *smile*)..Started off with Breakfast by my favorite Tobagonians...umm... you know what??.. This post is already too long, and, sunday's summary is quite long as well... So, I think I'll blog about sunday tomorrw , as nutting exciting should be happening tomorrow...but just an idea ...Crystal was insulted about me callign her a permie in my previous post, Danielle was apaulled that I "insinuated" that her jewelery was ugly (IT REALLY IS THOUGH!!!-haha), Crystal wanted to snip off the ends of my locks, Marika nearly fell off my couch..and somewhere in between alluh this, we did some studyign too.lollol